Annual Meetings

The annual AAIC meeting is an excellent venue for various stakeholders to present developments on industrial and new crops, discuss new research findings, collaborate with colleagues, and learn about new and emerging technologies. The meeting includes plenary talks, scientific sessions and technical tours.

Information and meeting abstracts are available for the following annual meetings.

2023 locations
Corvallis, OR 2023 Building sustainable bioeconomies with industrial crops and products
Bozeman, MT 2022 Integrating technology with industrial crops and their products for a sustainable bioeconomy
Bologna, Italy 2021 Industrial crops and products unlocking the potential of bioeconomy
Tucson, AZ 2019 Advancing the adoption of industrial crops through innovation and technology
London, Ontario, Canada 2018 Pathway to Commercialization of Industrial Crops
Ames, IA 2017 Industrial Crops and Products: Renewable Feedstocks for a Sustainable Bioeconomy
Rochester, NY 2016 Industrial Crops: Promoting Sustainability
Lubbock, TX 2015 International Conference on Industrial Crops: Research to Commercial Applications
Athens, Greece 2014 International Conference on Industrial Crops and Products
Washington D.C. 2013 New Crops : Bioenergy, Biomaterials, and Sustainability
Sonoma, CA 2012 Industrial Crops: Developing Sustainable Solutions
Fargo, ND 2011 Challenges and Opportunities for Industrial Crops
Fort Collins, CO 2010 New Crops : Exploring Diversity and Preserving our Future
Concepción, Chillán, Chile 2009 The Next Generation of Industrial Crops, Processes, and Products
College Station , TX 2008 New Crops & Bioproduct Development
Portland, ME 2007 Bringing Industrial Crops into the Future
San Diego, CA 2006 The 6th New Crops Symposium
Murcia, Spain 2005 International Conference on Industrial Crops and Rural Development
Minneapolis, MN 2004 AAIC/NUC Joint Annual Meeting: Industrial Crops & Uses to Diversify Agriculture
Portland, OR 2003 AAIC Annual Meeting: Solving Problems with Industrial Crops
Saskatoon, Sask., Canada 2002 AAIC Annual Meeting
Atlanta, GA 2001 The 5th New Crops Symposium
St. Louis, MO 2000 AAIC/NUC Joint Annual Meeting
Eugene, OR 1999 Diversity in Agricultural Markets : New Crops and New Markets
Phoenix, AZ 1998 New Crops and New Uses: Biodiversity and Sustainability
Saltillo, Coah., Mexico 1997 International Conference : The Green Industrial Revolution
San Antonio, TX 1996
Indianapolis, IN 1995
Catamarca, Argentina 1994
New Orleans, LA 1993
St. Louis, MO 1992
Indianapolis, IN 1991
Riverside, CA 1990
Peoria, IL 1989